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Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Steve Seager

Thanks for the comment Jon.

I've got a semi-tech background myself. The reason I don't address technology directly is because it is not the driver. For me, the driver is always business objectives (pr, marketing, social et al.) No client wants a 50K website or ‘social media’ plan that doesn’t deliver business results.

Wouldn't you agree that the best clients you have worked for have all this in place before design? It makes a brief clear as a bell and build, a breeze.

So to answer your question, I do think it is enough to work very closely with the 'ultimate agency'. Selecting the agency to design and build comes after the steps I described in my post.

I do think digital agencies have the edge as regards tech, but the best value for clients is to have the right people for the specific job – the ‘ultimate agency’ for setting the brief, and a digital for design and build.

Would you agree?

Jon Marks

Interesting. I notice you've left out technology. How important is it that your chosen agency also builds it? Or do you think it is enough for those building it simply to work very closely with the Ultimate Agency to ensure they plan for things (like SEO, Analytics and Social) properly?

My thoughts on a Full Service Digital Agency here:

Disclaimer: I'm a techie that works for one of the bigger agencies.

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