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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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Steve Seager

Hey Danny, Spooky indeed! Finding Nemo is a classic :) Making it happen...there's a challenge :)

Martin Williams

A copywriter who should know better than to post spelling errors :-)

Yes, having to explain things is a great way to gather your thoughts and learn too.



Danny Brown

Hey there Steve,

Ha, I was going to use a similar image for my post - spooky ;-)

Agreed - wherever the organization needs to be is who ultimately has "control" of social media. Work alongside a robust social policy and you're pretty much good to go and leading the way - just don't get caught up in politics about who owns cross-culture social media. Instead, make it happen and make it collaborative.


Steve Seager

Thanks Martin. Glad you enjoyed it. It sometimes takes half a dozen times of answering a question before you find a clear way of expressing it.

This post is a result of that process. I bet, as a copywriter, you find the same?

Martin Williams

Enjoyed that. Thanks Steve. There's so much analysis, opinion and hype it's always nice to get a distallation, a bit of clear thinking.



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