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Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Steve Seager

Hey Kaan,

It's a pleasure! Thanks for passing it on. I will mail you some tasty stuff that you, as a fully fledged social media pro might like too ;)

And I suspect that maybe an interview here on this bloggy blog with you might be a nice way of helping others get up to speed - see exactly how your role has changed since this social thing. Are you up for it? I promise to treat you nicely :)



Kaan Ozdurak

Hi Steve,

thanks for sharing this with us. I've also shared it with our twitter community:


Steve Seager

You are most welcome Brenda. Thanks for passing it on!



Brenda Kamphuis

Dear Steve,

Generous gesture! Dank je wel.
I'll link to it on my Twitter/LinkedIN/website (launch Thursday Jan. 28th).
Hartelijke groet, Brenda Kamphuis

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