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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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Steve Seager

@Robert. Thankyou :) but I think it's a bit of a long flight from Amsterdam :)

@Christopher. Yes, that openness has helped them create something quite special!

Robert Richman

Great post! I just wanted to mention, we're providing free tours for anyone to experience the culture and service first hand!

Robert Richman
Zappos Insights

Christopher Wiseman

Steve - Great blog! I really like how simply you broke down the Zappos marketing/customer service approach. One of the things that I really appeciate about them is also their methods are open source. There's now Zappos copyrighted/patented business models or processes, in fact just the opposite. I'd say the Zappos model, because they rely so heavily on customer and employee feedback, is almost a "Wiki-Management" model.

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